When an earthquake strikes,
your organization needs you to make the right call.
Safehub equips you with real-time situational awareness across your portfolio and supply chain
LTE Cellular Safehub sensor
Bottom motion sensor
Proprietary sensors in buildings

Text & email alerts in minutes

Dashboards that show the immediate impact of events in context

Be the first to respond
Safehub enables you to take action on a building-by-building basis
Data from building sensors and 3rd party sources

Prioritized list of impacted properties

Specialized reports to enable rapid communication
LTE Cellular Safehub sensor
Top motion sensor
Be the first to know
Know if you have a problem
Building-specific data ensures you escalate when necessary

Sensors work 24/7, not relying on local personnel to report in

Immediate global information across timezones and teams
Mobilize your organization and external resources
Rely on objective data to activate your business continuity plan

Allocate and prioritize resources using the best information

Provide structural engineers with analytics to evaluate buildings
The days of inferring building damage are over
Move from generic regional data to sensor-driven building-specific information. Make the right call when disaster strikes.
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