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Our patented technology reimagines what’s possible after disaster strikes. We’re helping businesses across the globe increase resiliency and safety with actionable data for better property risk management.

Better Property Risk Management for All

Before the 1970s, smoke detectors were rare. They weren’t ubiquitous until they became affordable and easy to install. At Safehub, we are disrupting structural health monitoring in the same way. With our easy-to-install sensors and cost-effective solutions, our technology will change the way businesses manage risk.

We want to make the structural monitoring of buildings easy, affordable, and scalable. Which means our team is working hard to build a future where our technology is ubiquitous, and every building in the world is monitored for changes in structural integrity and other post-disaster effects.

We hope to leverage our technology to transform post-disaster response, insurance claims, underwriting, and engineering design to create a safer and more resilient future for everyone.

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Having spent his career consulting as a structural engineer, Andy Thompson grew frustrated by the standard of only increasing the resiliency of “important” buildings and leaving all the other buildings open to unnecessary risk. Through his work in post-disaster response in Chile, Haiti, Japan, India, the United States, and many other countries, Andy saw firsthand the need for improved building damage information after disasters, both on the ground and on the other side of the world at company headquarters.

But the idea for Safehub’s technology was sparked from one simple moment. Andy realized his used car had 67 sensors, yet the earthquake-exposed building he occupied had 0 sensors for structural integrity.

On a mission to create a safer and more resilient future for everyone, Andy cofounded Safehub with the hopes of combining sensors, the Internet of Things (IoT), and data analytics to help increase safety and resilience for every building exposed to disaster.

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