The Future of Catastrophe Risk

For too long, businesses have suffered from a lack of actionable data after a natural disaster. The future of catastrophe risk management is changing – with Safehub.

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Receive Actionable Damage Alerts & Info in Minutes

Improve Catastrophe Risk Management with Real-Time, Building-Specific Data

Affordable and scalable, Safehub uses IoT sensors and advanced analytics to provide building-specific damage information immediately following a catastrophe, including potential occupancy restrictions, recovery time estimates, and projected financial loss.

Scalable Solution for Your Entire Portfolio

Gain critical situational awareness from any building in your portfolio at your fingertips

  • Easy to install and use
  • Cost-effective & scalable
  • Cellular-based cloud connectivity

Improve Earthquake Resilience with the Safehub Global Risk Platform

Through a combination of easy-to-install cost-effective sensors and advanced data analytics, we provide critical situational awareness within minutes after an earthquake. Building damage and financial loss information will support you as you navigate multiple post-disaster decisions.

Why Real-Time, Building-Specific Data Matters

Safehub’s IoT sensors and software provide building-specific data when disaster strikes. Damage is building-specific. Regional- or even block-scale information is not enough.

Business Resilience

Minimize business interruption and reduce unnecessary financial loss.

Increased Safety

Use objective data to support critical decisions about escalating, evacuation, and sheltering-in-place.

Reduced Risk

Expedite emergency response and plan for future disasters.

Insurance Data

Strengthen your claims and underwriting position.

Disaster Prevention by the Numbers

With Business Interruption and Natural Hazards the 2nd and 3rd most important global business risks for 2022 (Allianz), it pays to protect against devastation and loss.

Economic losses from natural disasters 2021

Annual economic loss following catastrophes (Verisk)

Potential losses from a single catastrophic event on a single building.

Percentage of businesses that close for more than 2 months don’t reopen.

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