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Data is critical after a disaster. With our IoT sensors and innovative software, we make it easy and affordable to get vital information when you need it most. Our building-specific data helps you reduce your financial loss and risk while increasing safety.

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Business Continuity

Business interruption is inevitable when disaster strikes – but the severity of that disruption depends on your ability to assess and address the damage quickly. Even with a structural engineer on call, you could wait weeks to get a full picture of the damage. And every moment you waste waiting for data is a moment you’re increasing business losses.

With our IoT sensors and real-time, building-specific data, you can minimize business interruption and prevent unnecessary losses.

Increased Safety

Protecting your people always comes first, but without timely, building-specific data, it’s difficult to make informed emergency response decisions. Give your building engineers and inspectors the detailed information they need, when they need it.

Our disaster management solutions give you real-time insight and objective data to help you determine an appropriate response that prioritizes the safety of your people.

Reduced Risk

Preparedness is a crucial component of reducing disaster risk. With access to detailed, building-specific data in near-real time, you can reduce the financial and safety risks associated with unexpected disasters.

We help you expedite emergency response and plan for future catastrophes with our robust disaster management solutions.

Insurance Data

Our detailed data helps you access your business interruption claims faster. Simply having a solution like Safehub in place may even help you reduce your overall costs. Disaster preparedness is of value to both you and your insurance provider, enabling each party to mitigate risks and reduce costs.

Use our disaster management solutions to strengthen your claims and underwriting position.

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