Real-Time Earthquake Damage Information When You Need It Most

Get building-specific earthquake damage information within minutes to help you make informed emergency response and business resilience decisions.

The Safehub Solution for Earthquake Response

Critical decisions must be made quickly following an earthquake. Safehub’s patented sensor technology installed in your buildings provides vital insight and actionable earthquake damage information the moment disaster strikes, helping you and your engineering teams answer questions like:

  • Do we need to activate our crisis management plan?
  • Should we shelter in place or evacuate the building?
  • Should we escalate?
  • How do we get ahead of insurance claims?

Our technology connects building-specific risk and damage information with portfolio-level decision-making, tying the price of risk to the actual risk, incentivizing risk reduction, and encouraging better risk management.

How We Use Earthquake Damage Information to Support Your Organization Post-Disaster

Safehub Sensors

Affordable and scalable, our plug-and-play IoT sensors make it simple to get actionable earthquake damage information in near-real time. The sensors (about the size of a smartphone) plug right into the wall and send critical, building-specific data over a secure cellular network after a catastrophe.

Instant Access to Earthquake Damage Data

Get earthquake damage information in minutes via text and email – from any building in the world to any smartphone in the world. Gain critical situational awareness with building-specific insights so you can prioritize your emergency response efforts from wherever you are.

Continual Alerts & Analytics

Monitor the damage status of facilities across the globe with the Safehub Dashboard from your phone, tablet, or computer. Access vulnerability information, building-response details, and engineering data to support visual inspections. Minimize financial loss, expedite recovery efforts, and reduce overall risk.

How Safehub Helps Hudson Pacific Properties Offer Peace of Mind

The real estate player has deployed 115 sensors across 42 properties, helping protect their portfolio and bring peace of mind to their occupants.

Our Technology in Action

Watch a demo of our earthquake sensor technology and see for yourself how Safehub is changing the game in catastrophe risk management.

Real-Time, Building-Specific Data Matters

Safehub’s IoT sensors and software provide building-specific data when earthquakes strike, enabling businesses to reduce financial loss and risk while increasing safety. Our technology goes well beyond regional or even block-specific data. Ground shaking is very localized, which is why building-specific data matters.

Business Continuity

Minimize business interruption and prioritize inspections to prevent unnecessary financial loss.

Increased Safety

Have better information available for you and your engineering teams to make critical decisions around building safety.

Reduced Risk

Expedite emergency response and support decisions made by local engineers to mitigate future risk.

Insurance Data

Strengthen your claims and underwriting position with facility-specific data.

Earthquake Statistics Around the World

Earthquakes are inevitable disasters that strike without warning. Safehub’s sensor technology helps businesses prepare for the unavoidable with detailed earthquake damage information.

World’s population exposed to significant earthquakes

5.0+ earthquakes worldwide in 2021

Economic losses from a major earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area

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