Putting Security First

At Safehub, collecting real-time building data doesn’t come at the cost of your company’s security. We make security our priority because we know it’s yours.

Our Security Practices

Respond faster and smarter with real-time data after a disaster using our emergency response solutions. Cutting-edge sensor technology provides immediate, building-specific structural damage information after a catastrophe, including occupancy restrictions, predicted damage level, projected costs, and recovery times.

Data Security

Safehub is SOC 2 Compliant. The protection of customer data is the highest priority for our team and we’re committed to maintaining a robust security & compliance program.

Infrastructure Security

Safehub is built on Amazon Web Services, and we make full use of the security products embedded within the AWS ecosystem. To learn more about security procedures employed by AWS, please review their documentation here.

Network Security

Safehub uses the latest LTE technology in order to remain completely disconnected from the customer network. The sensors communicate with the Safehub server using TLS encryption. Every sensor uses an individual certificate.

Building Trust

Safehub conducts continuous monitoring of our cloud infrastructure, endpoints, corporate procedures, enterprise risks, and employee accounts to proactively identify any security flaws and privacy gaps in our security posture.

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“We know our customers value and expect data privacy and security. That’s why we opt for higher levels of encryption, sound data storage methods, and continually train our personnel on best practices. Security is a first class citizen at Safehub.”

-Scott Fritzinger, Director of Engineering at Safehub

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