Evan Reis, SE

Director of Science & Analytics

Evan graduated with this Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Structural Engineering from Stanford University and is a California Structural Engineer. He is a national leader in seismic risk and resilience, publishing more than 50 papers on resilience, and presenting to building stakeholders around the country. Evan has provided engineering and risk management services to some of nation’s largest organizations in the education, healthcare, high technology, energy, insurance and government services sectors. He was a pioneer in developing performance based engineering and resilience design standards, and was part of the development team for FEMA’s flagship risk modeling tool — HAZUS. He is the Executive Director of the US Resiliency Council, a non-profit organization that he co-founded as a way to educate building stakeholders and the public about resilience based design. As Safehub’s Director of Science and Analytics, he translates seismic sensor data into estimates of building performance, and develops collaborations with Safehub’s structural engineering and academic research partners.

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